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ASEM 2020 Intl Webinar Series with Yesim Sireli

  • 22 Oct 2020
  • 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (EDT)
  • https://www.asem.org/event-4021595
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Who Will Finance Innovation and

What is the Blue Economy?

Presented by Dr. Yesim Sireli

22 October 2020

9am-10am US Eastern Time

Dr. Sireli will wrap up the 2020 ASEM International Webinar Series in this session. She will also provide an overall perspective of innovation financing from the worldwide view to the United States, and to the U.S. states, including how innovation funding was affected by disruptive events in the past and initial projections for the short to mid-term future after the Covid-19 pandemic. She will focus on the state of North Carolina as an example. After that, she will follow with an emerging area that needs interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral support for innovation: the blue economy.

About the Presenter

Yesim Sireli, Ph.D., CPEM, ASEM Fellow, is an Associate Professor at UNC Charlotte and the ASEM International Director (2017-2020) and Secretary-elect (2020-2021). Dr. Sireli is interested in sustainable development and value added decision analysis and science policy development using interdisciplinary approaches to problem- solving. In support of interdisciplinary, multi-national and multi-sectoral sustainable development, she has been organizing events that bring together diverse stakeholders such as industry and academic decision-makers, researchers, state and non-profit representatives to facilitate necessary discussion, generation of ideas, collaboration towards action. With this purpose, in partnership with the Atlantic International Research (AIR) Center, she organized such an event in Charlotte, NC, in September 2019: the 2019 Southeast-International Innovation and Commerce Summit: Energy, Ocean Economy and Sustainable Development (https://vissou.net/summit/index.html). The 2020 ASEM International Webinar Series has been another effort to connect ASEM members and prospective members together to create similar synergy.

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