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A Note From ASEM's 2022-23 President   |   March 2023

Dear ASEM Community:

First, let me announce that the abstract deadline for our 2023 International Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, has been extended to March 13th! Remember that, alongside our traditional call for technical / research papers, we added a Practitioner’s and Industry track this year. So, we hope to welcome all technical / research and industry friends in Denver! Please check out the updated call for papers for both tracks here:

You may want to send an abstract not only for a full paper, but also for abstract only (presentation), a panel, workshop or tutorial. We are also looking for Track Chairs, so please let me know if you would like to be one (

Second, our open forums have generated a lot of energy and great ideas! We hosted many attendees from industry and academia, and from all over the world! Thank you for participating these events and engaging with the larger ASEM community. More forums will be added in the future.

        Yesim Sireli

As a direct result of your feedback as well as our Industry Advisory Board’s (IAB), new online workshops are coming up! The first one will take place on April 14th, 11 am – 1:30 pm, U.S. Eastern Time. This workshop will be instructed by our Northeast and North-Central Regional Director, Dr. Larry Mallak and his colleague from the United Kingdom, Jonathan Rees. It is titled “Build a Better Team: The Harvard Everest Climb,” and will be offered in collaboration with Western Michigan University. More information will be provided shortly so please stay tuned!

Another workshop, tentatively titled as “Strategic Data Science for Engineering Managers,” will be taught by our Treasurer, Dr. Joe Wilck. We are hoping for a May 2023 date for this event, so please be on the look-out for that as well.

Many thanks to Dr. Larry Mallak, Mr. Jonathan Rees, Western Michigan University, and Dr. Joe Wilck, for all of their hard work and dedication to bring these professional training opportunities to fruition.

Third, again, as a direct result of forum attendees’ and the IAB’s feedback, we are starting to experiment with online domain groups! Our goals are to provide networking opportunities to ASEM members with an interest in various group topics, to exchange ideas, find solutions to any problems put forward by group members, and even create mentorship relationships.

The first domain group takes its title from one of our EMBoK domains: “Leadership and Organizational Management.” I am looking forward to moderating this group and will be happy to include more volunteers in this team (please email me at, if you would like to join).

Another online group will work on “Information Technology / Artificial Intelligence (IT / AI).” Many thanks to ASEM’s Professional Membership Director, COL Jim Schreiner, for moderating this group (if you would like to join, please email him at

Last but certainly not least, congratulations to Rice University for becoming ASEM's newest Certified Program (MEML; Masters in Engineering Management and Leadership)! To find out more about ASEM's Graduate Program Certification, visit

Let’s fire up the abstract submission link at by March 13th!

October 25th - 28th, 2023

 ASEM International Annual Conference (IAC)

Hosted by the University of Colorado, Boulder at the The Curtis Denver - a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel


Abstracts and workshop submissions are currently under review.

Important Conference Deadlines:

March 13th, 2023 (Extended, New Date!)

          • Abstracts for technical presentations submission.
          • Abstract for workshops, panels, and tutorials due.

March 27, 2023

          • Abstract acceptance notification.
          • Workshops, panels, and tutorials abstract acceptance notification.

May 30, 2023

          • Draft Paper submission for double-blind peer review.
          • Proposal for workshops, panels, and tutorials due.
Visit for more information, or 

Core Skills Workshops for Engineering Managers | Build a Better Team: The Everest Climb

ASEM is excited to present a Core Skill Workshops for Engineering Managers led by Dr. Larry Mallak and Mr. Jonathan Rees. Registration will open soon.

Teaming efforts sometimes fall short—not because of technical expertise or even knowledge or how to hold a meeting—but because team members don’t make very good decisions together. This workshop engages participants in one of five specific team roles as they do a simulated climb of Mount Everest. The teams encounter challenges during the climb. That’s all we can say here. Those who survive have described this as one of the best team experiences they have had.

Learning Objectives:

  • To learn about building, participating in, and leading effective teams.
  • To examine how teams can improve the way they make decisions.
  • [Other learning objectives are shared in the activity debrief. To share here would compromise the training.]

Trainer Credentials: Dr. Larry Mallak has guided the Everest climb for over a decade with participants ranging from Engineering Management graduate students to senior leadership in a Fortune 500 firm. Mr. Jonathan Rees is an experienced facilitator, trainer, and coach, based in the UK. He has over a decade working with blue-chip and government organizations and has helped guide the Everest climb with Dr. Mallak.

Sign up at Minimum registration of 15 participants required. 

ASEM Membership Dues to increase July 1, 2023

After careful study and consideration of the inflation impacted costs of conducting and sustaining ASEM’s business functions, and in consultation with the ASEM Board of Directors, the following membership dues increases will take effect July 1, 2023.

Professional $150.00

Emeritus $  75.00

Retired $100.00

Student        $   35.00

Ascending Academic Partnership $  300.00

Soaring Academic Partnership                  $  600.00

Excelling Academic Partnership                $1250.00

Maximizing Academic Partnership           $2500.00

While ASEM Headquarters has consistently kept a careful watch on expenditures, the economy has been changing significantly for the last two years and particularly over the last six months. This dues increase is the first in over 5 years and is necessary to keep ASEM operations moving forward.  We will continue to monitor and control expenditures as part of our sound business practices.

There is opportunity for you.  ASEM Members are encouraged to take advantage of current dues rates between now and July 1.  Additionally, for those who prefer to renew with your hIAC Registration, we will accept your registration and dues payment at the current rates through 2023 hIAC Early Bird Registration only.  Please contact ASEM Headquarters when you register and renew for the adjustment.  Again, this extension is only available for members who renew and register.  No refund of registration will be permitted if you wish to take advantage of the reduced rate.

Renew now and consider a multi-year renewal.  It will save you money.

ASEM Certified Graduate Program | MEML at Rice University

Congratulations to ASEM's newest Certified Graduate Program at Rice University! ASEM Certification represents excellence in program quality and distinguishes certified programs as being in the top tier in graduate engineering management related programs, worldwide.

To learn more or to have your graduate program ASEM certified, visit

2023-2027 Master of

Engineering Management and Leadership

Since 2023

Position Announcement | ASEM Executive Director

The American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) is seeking candidates to fill the position of Executive Director of the Society. The Executive Director is the principal administrative official of the Society and serves as a member of the Executive Committee.

The responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:

    • Supervise the World Headquarters operational activities;
    • Provide liaison with the SMAP Center at the University of Alabama – Huntsville, which provides contract services for the World Headquarters;
    • Recruit and hire contract staff as necessary;
    • Work with the Treasurer to ensure the fiscal viability for the society;
    • Evaluate and execute contracts on behalf of the Society including those related to insurance, contractors, publications, and conferences;
    • Work with the Board of Directors to develop, enhance, and maintain the strategic plan of the society for value, growth and retention;
    • Coordinate the design, implementation and use of the society’s strategic and operational performance measurement system;
    • Work with the Executive Committee to define, monitor and adjust the overall operational annual plan;
    • Provide advice and support to the Associate Executive Director;
    • Provide advice and support to the ASEM leadership to achieve the goals of international and industry expansion of the society;
    • Work with the Board and the Executive Committee in setting up strategic partnerships;
    • Provide assistance to international, regional and functional directors in carrying out their duties;
    • Advise the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors on operational matters;
    • Work with the Board and the Executive Committee to identify and promote society procedures and standards;
    • Administer the official records of the Society (such as the constitution and bylaws).

This position requires remote work. The successful candidate must be a member in good standing of ASEM and have demonstrated organizational management and leadership skills.

Special consideration will be given to candidates who have already served on the Board of Directors or in other leadership capacities within ASEM or in comparable professional societies, as well as anyone with previous industry experience in a technical or engineering management role. This is a volunteer position. However, any pre-approved costs incurred related to the business of the society will be reimbursed.

Prior to March 31, 2023, interested parties should submit an application package consisting of a complete resume/CV, a cover letter detailing their interests, including a statement of their objectives and goals if selected, and a recommendation from two members of the society. The position will remain open until filled. Application materials should be submitted as email attachments to with “Executive Director Application” in the message subject line.

Engineering Management Handbook, 3rd Edition

ASEM is proud to now offer the 3rd edition of the Engineering Management Handbook. This EM Handbook edition focuses on the practical application of the domains thus differentiating it from the second edition.

You may download this text through your ASEM membership portal as an member benefit. For non-members, the PDF is available for purchase on the ASEM Store website. Hardcopies will soon be available for purchase on the ASEM Store website as well.

The 11 Domains covered in this handbook, each of which include related topics, are:

  1. Introduction to Engineering Management

  2. Leadership and Organizational Management

  3. Strategic Planning and Management

  4. Financial Resources Management

  5. Project Management

  6. Quality Management System

  7. Operations and Supply Chain Management

  8. Management of Technology, Research, and Development

  9. Systems Engineering

10. Legal Issues in Engineering Management

11. Professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics

Women in Engineering Management: An Interview with Tiffani Teachey

The ASEM 2022 hIAC Proceedings is Now Available!

The 2022 hybrid International Annual Conference Event Proceedings has been published! You may download this peer-reviewed publication through your ASEM Membership Portal. Once logged in to your account, visit the Publications menu and it will be visible.

This Conference Proceeding is also being indexed and is available through ProQuest and EBSCO libraries. It is available for purchase through, as well.

The Engineering Management Journal (EMJ)

The Engineering Management Journal is designed to provide practical, pertinent knowledge on the management of technology, technical professionals, and technical organizations. EMJ strives to provide value to the practice of engineering management and engineering managers. EMJ is an archival journal that facilitates both practitioners and university faculty in publishing useful articles. The primary focus is on articles that improve the practice of engineering management.

Access to the EMJ is included with each ASEM Membership. View full flyer HERE.

Another Terrific IAC in Tampa!

Thank you to all who contributed to ASEM’s 2022 hIAC last week.  Your presence, whether face-to-face or virtual, was inspiring.  While the numbers are not quite all in, by all appearances, the conference was a huge success. 

Several of those present in Tampa were kind enough to share their appreciation for our return to a conference where all could share EM related practical experiences, emerging and continuing research, and the great joy of seeing colleagues in person.  Getting back to a three-dimensional view of personages was rewarding.  And, being able to see and hear, virtually, from others around the globe in two-dimensions was also meaningful.  The hybrid, format allowed ASEM to support those who’s ability to travel may have been restricted. ASEM plans to continue this format.

The technical presentations were informative, challenging, and encouraging.  EM is alive and growing.  The student case competition; well, that was wonderful. Congratulations to the winning teams. If you missed the 2021 Sarchet Award winner’s presentation, be sure to check it out on ExOrdo.  Suzie Long gave a touching and moving presentation.  ASEM looks forward to a featuring the Sarchet Award winner presentation at each conference. 

ASEM will be in Denver at The Curtis Hotel in 2023.  Mark your calendars, make your plans, and if you won’t be able to travel, tune up those web connections.  Denver is an amazing place to visit and ASEM is an amazing family of engineering management protagonists. The 2023 ASEM hIAC is going to be great!

Is Your Organization on ASEM's EM Program Listing? Are You Part of CEMAL?

Please visit to validate your EM Program Listing is up-to-date. Complete the form below to submit any changes or to join the Council of Engineering Management Academic Leaders. Need help? Contact

Validate Your Skill Set with Professional Certification through ASEM

ASEM offers the two most important industry-recognized certification for technical managers. You can find CAEMs and CPEMs involved in managing and leading at all levels and types of engineering and technology-driven organizations in nearly every country. Over the past twenty years, ASEM has been engaged in intensive research and development to identify the education, skills, and knowledge critical for success as a technical management professional. This work has supported the development and continuous improvement of this formal method for recognizing the CAEM or CPEM engineering management professional designation.

Visit to find out more, and to begin the process to becoming professionally certified as a technical manager, today!

ASEM Proudly Recognizes Recent CAEM and CPEM Certified / Recertified Individuals:

  • Julius Jerome Canonizado
  • Jason Wayment
  • Ganapathy Natarajan
  • Ashfaq Ahamed Shaikh Omar
  • Abubaker Haddud
  • Jess Matias
  • Robert Swain, Jr.
  • Shimaa Adel Abdelmoneam Morsy
  • Kenneth Sabourin
  • Eric Borquist
  • James Hal Warren
  • Artem Shushkov
  • Chad Clawson

          • John Bricklemyer

          • Mohamed Nada

          • Phillip Power

          • David A. Wyrick

          • Golshan Coleiny
          • Chris Jardin
          • Joel Jackson
          • Nathan S. Kueterman
          • Eric Ong
          • Clement Bala Potoki
          • Mohammed Rafi Shaikh Omar
          • Michael C. Uytingc
          • Yogendra Panta
                    • Ahmed Gomaa

                    • Raymond Smith III

                    • Sharon Raviz-nuque
                    • Hany Soloumah
                    • Tara Ashley Asgarpoor
                    • Dennis Miller
                    • Santosh Winfred
                    • Gobi Krishnan Mallikarjunan
                    • Lateef Busari
                    • Doug Hales
                    • Fahad Khalil

                                Opportunity to Contribute to ASEM Professional Certifications

                                ASEM seeks knowledge volunteers as part of a team chartered to investigate validation or accreditation of ASEM’s growing portfolio of certifications. The use of a third-party standard, has long been discussed. Organizations such as ABET use international standards such as ISO 9000. The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) and the IACET (International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training) are two examples of U.S. organizations that accredit personnel and continuing education related certifications or certificates. The major deliverable for the Accreditation Project is a actionable plan for obtaining recognized and effectual accreditation as our certification/badging products grow. If you have applicable accreditation knowledge or experience and would like to contribute to this please contact the ASEM Executive Director (

                                Please visit our sponsors:

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