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A Note From ASEM's 2022-23 President

I am deeply honored and privileged to serve as ASEM’s 2022-2023 President. In this role, my goals are to make sure our great organization continues to meet and exceed its stakeholders’ needs, and to maintain ASEM’s position as a bridge between academia and industry. In this context, together with our Board of Directors and members, I aim to work on ASEM’s industry outreach, value proposition and promotional activities.

Towards these goals, we have recently formed an Industry Advisory Board (IAB). With many thanks for their enthusiastic involvement, the founding industry members of this Board are (in no particular order) Mike Holman, Vice President, Production Operations at Coleman Aerospace and a recent ASEM Fellow; Shawn Brougham, Vice President of Engineering in Altec; and Tres Bishop, Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs for DaVita Labs and the instructor of ASEM’s Six Sigma Green Belt Certification training. We will be adding other prominent companies to the team in the future.

        Yesim Sireli

The IAB is supported by a group of ASEM Officers and members, including (in no particular order) Paul Kauffmann, ASEM’s Special Projects Director; Jim Schneider, Professional Membership Director; Patrick Sweet, Communications Director; Patricia Anzalone, Professional Society Outreach Director; Richard Grandrino, ASEM member, and myself.

We will also be hosting online open forums soon to have conversations with various stakeholders. Their inputs will provide important data for us to act upon as we carry ASEM’s successful path into the future. We have already collected feedback from the IAB and several members, and as a direct result of their inputs, we are working on creating domain groups, workshops, webinars and more to benefit our members.

Another new addition to ASEM’s social media content will be various spotlight series with different themes. Through these, we are determined to celebrate the contributions of our members to ASEM and the engineering management profession.

ASEM is speeding up its partnerships with other organizations as well. Most recently, we co-organized the International Engineering and Technology Management Summit in Istanbul, together with Istanbul Technical University and Bahcesehir University ( Our Officers, Greg Sedrick, ASEM’s Past President; Willy van Overschee, International Director; Alex Gorod and Leonie Kay Hallo, Co-Presidents of ASEM’s Southeast Asia & Pacific Section and myself were invited to deliver keynotes, organize panels and international sessions for this event.

Even though the ASEM community is growing on a global scale, this organization is a family in spirit. We are determined to maintain that spirit while providing great networking and professional development opportunities to our members. Please attend the online forums to voice your opinions; join us at other events such as the 2023 International Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado, participate in joint events that we co-organize, workshops, webinars, certification programs, domain groups when available, and many more…

I will be happy to connect with anyone who wants to join this exceptional community and desires to be more involved. If you have any ideas to assist ASEM to fulfill its aforementioned goals, or if you are a representative of an organization that wants to become a member of our Industry Advisory Board, or if you would like to partner with us in another capacity, please email me at

The theme of last month’s conference in Tampa was “Engineering Managers as Champions of Change.” Let’s get the ball rolling and change together to reach new heights!

Women in Engineering Management: An Interview with Dr. Suzie Long

The Engineering Management Journal (EMJ)

The Engineering Management Journal is designed to provide practical, pertinent knowledge on the management of technology, technical professionals, and technical organizations. EMJ strives to provide value to the practice of engineering management and engineering managers. EMJ is an archival journal that facilitates both practitioners and university faculty in publishing useful articles. The primary focus is on articles that improve the practice of engineering management.

Access to the EMJ is included with each ASEM Membership. View full flyer HERE.

Another Terrific IAC in Tampa!


Thank you to all who contributed to ASEM’s 2022 hIAC last week.  Your presence, whether face-to-face or virtual, was inspiring.  While the numbers are not quite all in, by all appearances, the conference was a huge success. 

Several of those present in Tampa were kind enough to share their appreciation for our return to a conference where all could share EM related practical experiences, emerging and continuing research, and the great joy of seeing colleagues in person.  Getting back to a three-dimensional view of personages was rewarding.  And, being able to see and hear, virtually, from others around the globe in two-dimensions was also meaningful.  The hybrid, format allowed ASEM to support those who’s ability to travel may have been restricted. ASEM plans to continue this format.

The technical presentations were informative, challenging, and encouraging.  EM is alive and growing.  The student case competition; well, that was wonderful. Congratulations to the winning teams. If you missed the 2021 Sarchet Award winner’s presentation, be sure to check it out on ExOrdo.  Suzie Long gave a touching and moving presentation.  ASEM looks forward to a featuring the Sarchet Award winner presentation at each conference. 

ASEM will be in Denver at The Curtis Hotel in 2023.  Mark your calendars, make your plans, and if you won’t be able to travel, tune up those web connections.  Denver is an amazing place to visit and ASEM is an amazing family of engineering management protagonists. The 2023 ASEM hIAC is going to be great!

Is Your Organization on ASEM's EM Program Listing? Are You Part of CEMAL?

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Validate Your Skill Set with Professional Certification through ASEM

ASEM offers the two most important industry-recognized certification for technical managers. You can find CAEMs and CPEMs involved in managing and leading at all levels and types of engineering and technology-driven organizations in nearly every country. Over the past twenty years, ASEM has been engaged in intensive research and development to identify the education, skills, and knowledge critical for success as a technical management professional. This work has supported the development and continuous improvement of this formal method for recognizing the CAEM or CPEM engineering management professional designation.

Visit to find out more, and to begin the process to becoming professionally certified as a technical manager, today!

ASEM Proudly Recognizes Recent CAEM and CPEM Certified / Recertified Individuals:

  • Mike Koper

  • David O'Toole

  • Ali Kucukozyigit

  • Mustafa Al-Shammaa

  • Camille Crichton-Sumners

  • Akhmad Yudhono

  • Alexandr Sokolov

  • Mohamed Awwad

  • George Guszcza
  • Ammar Alzarrad
  • Gary Nierengarten
  • Keith Burleson 
  • Rory Herriman
  • David Hanna
  • Bryan Wahlfield
  • Nikhil Tandon
      • Osamah Al-Ghamdi
      • Joe Wilck
      • Carson Kraft
      • Nicholas Underwood
        • Rajan Shrestha

        • Ahmed Bin Zulfiqar
        • Michael Juel
        • Rochelle Watson

              Opportunity to Contribute to ASEM Professional Certifications

              ASEM seeks knowledge volunteers as part of a team chartered to investigate validation or accreditation of ASEM’s growing portfolio of certifications. The use of a third-party standard, has long been discussed. Organizations such as ABET use international standards such as ISO 9000. The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) and the IACET (International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training) are two examples of U.S. organizations that accredit personnel and continuing education related certifications or certificates. The major deliverable for the Accreditation Project is a actionable plan for obtaining recognized and effectual accreditation as our certification/badging products grow. If you have applicable accreditation knowledge or experience and would like to contribute to this please contact the ASEM Executive Director (

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