Presenter:  Marco Antonio Archanjo

Description:  As companies continue to go global and the complexity of engineering projects increase each day, managing virtual teams dispersed worldwide is one of the challenges to be addressed by engineering project managers. Cultural diversity, different languages, distance and team members in different time zones may create communication barriers that jeopardize project success. Leading virtual project teams spread around the world is a skill to be mastered by engineering project managers. This presentation provides an overview of the main challenges in managing virtual global teams, how to achieve high performance, and ways to mitigate risks of having distributed teams. Illustrations of different scenarios are provided through a case study.

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Biography:  Marco Antonio Archanjo graduated in Mechatronics Engineering from the Polythecnic School of the University of São Paulo and has an MBA in Project Management from ISAE/Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV). He is presently a graduate student of Industrial and Systems Engineering at PUCPR, in Curitiba, Brazil. Marco currently works as a Senior Project Manager for a world leader transport solution provider in Brazil. He has a solid experience in Project Management, Product Development and Systems Engineering. During the last 15 years, he worked for leading companies in the Automotive Industry in more than 20 projects for different countries like the USA, China, Brazil, Australia, Sweden, France and South American countries. In most of these projects, he led worldwide multi-disciplinary teams during the design, development, integration, verification, validation and delivery of different automotive systems for passenger cars and heavy-duty vehicles.

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