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Standards for ASEM mark or logo use by affiliated organizations (student chapters, etc.)

    1. Registered student chapter or affiliated organizations may create their own graphic identities (logos).
    2. Only registered student chapter or affiliated organizations in good standing may use the ASEM’s marks and logos.
    3. ASEM marks and logos may not to be altered in any manner. ASEM marks and logos may not be incorporated into or associated with the marks or logos of another, unaffiliated, organization.
    4. ASEM student chapters must have an element of blue in designs. Student chapters and affiliated organizations are recommended to use blue, black, gray and white in designs and giveaways.
    5. All registered student chapter or affiliated organizations must place “Registered” marks in the official ASEM blue, black, gray or white ONLY. “Trademarked” words can be in any color. (Registered student chapter or affiliated organizations are not required to use official ASEM fonts). Both “Registered” and “Trademarked” words must include symbols.
    6. Any use of a ASEM mark, trademark or logo by a registered student chapter or affiliated organization must be approved through the logo review process prior to publication or production of licensed products. Production of products must be done through a licensed vendor. (asem-hq at
    7. Permission to use the ASEM’s marks or logos is not an endorsement of the registered student organization or its activities by ASEM. Instead, such use is intended to permit a registered student organization to promote itself as an ASEM affiliated organization.
    8. All designs (including elements of a design) incorporating any ASEM mark or logo must clearly be placed in near proximity to the name of the registered student organization. In every instance the Registered Student Organization’s name must be on the licensed product, most particularly if there is any possibility of mistaking the identity of the student group with ASEM or an ASEM authorized affiliated organization.
    9. Promotional items featuring an ASEM mark or logo must be for use by the members of the registered student chapter or affiliated organization only. Sale to the public of licensed goods approved through logo review is strictly prohibited.
    10. Designs that reference alcohol, illegal substances, sexually explicit graphics, weapons, or profanity are prohibited.
    11. Uses that may violate the law or the ASEM’s policies (e.g., harassment, DE&I, etc.) are prohibited.
    12. The unauthorized use of another’s marks or copyrights in conjunction with the ASEM’s trademarks or word marks is prohibited.

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