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18 Nov 2014 7:00 AM | Anonymous

Author: Gene Dixon, ASEM President
Introduced by Tricia Simo Kush, PEM

The ASEM eNews (another great benefit from ASEM) was sent out earlier this week. Within the content is a note from the 2015 ASEM President, Gene Dixon. I'd like to bring his words here to share with our blog audience.

Without further ado, here's Gene!

The ASEM 2014 International Annual Conference was fast-paced, entertaining and educational. Kudos to the ODU host and the technical program committee. If you were there, you know what I mean. If you missed it, I’m surprised.

At the membership meeting – thought for sure I saw everyone there – we took a quick look at the events of the past 2014. Great things happened. New ASEM World Headquarters. Significant membership growth. Social media hits continue to build. Monthly webinars that add value for members. The EMJ continues to rock on. The international footprint continues to expand. And, the best conference (numbers) ever.

It’s been “..all good.” to paraphrase outgoing President Beth Cudney.

And now it’s time for 2015 ASEM. Yep, I meant to say it that way. With a great start in October, the 2015 ASEM is tracking for membership growth, membership value and membership retention.

And so, we turn to you, the ASEM members, with two questions: 1) In your opinion, what can 2015 ASEM do to promote membership growth, membership value and membership retention; and, 2) what can you do?

Those questions were asked at the Membership Meeting at the 2014 IAC. And those attending gave some answers. For the first question, there were good, challenging, thoughtful answers. Those answers are cycling through the ASEM Executive Committee’s plans for 2015 already. We’ll be busy. But we won’t be alone. We’ve got you pushing, encouraging, and helping. And we’re glad you are there.

For the second question, what can you do, the answers were introspective and powerful. Ask colleagues to join in order to gain new members. Volunteer to add value. And challenge every member to renew. Start new student chapters. Build professional sections. There was energy and excitement in those answers.

And we’re not done. If the 2015 ASEM is to reach beyond the progress 2014, we all need to be engaged for growth, value and retention. United, the 2015 ASEM will be bigger, significant, and experienced.

And yet, it seems there is more to be considered. What is most important to you? How can ASEM provide value? How can ASEM grow? How can each of you be active and engaged?

If for some reason you missed the membership meeting at the 2014 IAC your voice is no less important. What can ASEM do to grow the membership, add membership value, and retain members? And what can you do?

Tell me. Call me. Write me. Let me know what you think. And, sooner is better.

Gene Dixon
2015 President, American Society for Engineering Management

FYI-President Gene Dixon can be reached by phone at 252 7371031 or by email dixone@ecu.edu

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