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16 Dec 2014 7:00 AM | Anonymous

Author: Gene Dixon, ASEM President

I’m starting to think deeply about 2015.  The end of any year is a time for corporate and personal reflection.  Corporate reflection is a review of performance towards targets and goals, a very quantitative reflection.  For ASEM, our performance is measured in part in terms of the financial success of the 2014 IAC; the growth of our membership base, student and professional; and, member value created through training, certifications, and communications.

Personal reflection is more subjective.  I like to reflect on how much personal growth I have experienced over the last year.  My list of areas of personal growth is longer now that I’ve assumed the role of ASEM President.  Already, I’ve learned to appreciate the importance of personal interaction with members, not just for me but for all of the officers and volunteers that make up this vibrant organization.  I’m growing personally by dealing with the speed with which change occurs – much too slow for me.  Yet, I’m learning anew that deliberative processes and participative decision making take time.  I’m growing as I try to match the energy so many of you demonstrate in moving ASEM forward.  I’m growing as I look for opportunities to drive bold new initiatives along with ways of encouraging new ways of thinking in addressing both the nagging issues and the great opportunities that lie before the ASEM.   I’m glad to report progress is being made.  There will be more to say about that in January and throughout 2015.

So in what areas am I looking for personal growth in 2015?  Learning more about working with/in the ASEM to grow our voice and our membership around the globe.  Learning how to identify opportunities for energetic ASEM members to apply themselves in creating service and products that add value to being and ASEM member.  Learning how to better tap the rich resource of experienced and previous ASEM leaders to help advise the current ASEM leadership.  And, learning how to establish a scorecard system for the ASEM President; a challenging work already in progress.

That’s just me.

How about you?  What does your personal reflection about 2014 indicate that you should be pursuing in 2015?  Being a little more selfish, when it comes to ASEM in 2014, what do your personal reflections suggest for 2015?  For your personal growth?   For the society’s member growth, member value and member retention?  I’d like to hear your thoughts.  Just send me a note and we'll consider it a conversation over a holiday themed brew.

And, from my house to yours, here are three recordings from our son for your holidays.  Please accept this as my thanks for your ASEM efforts–from dues paying to committee chairing–along with my wish for every ASEM member that you will have a safe and festive season and a very prosperous 2015.

New for 2014:

And a classic (to me) from 2013

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