Benefits of Professional Society Membership

09 Feb 2015 7:00 AM | Anonymous
Professional societies exist for almost every profession in every industry. At some point in your career, the option to join a professional society will most likely be offered by a friend of colleague.

Why join a professional society?

When determining whether or not to join a professional society related to your career, there are several common benefits that most societies should offer:

  • Networking: Membership in a professional society gives you ready access to a national (and sometimes international) network of professionals engaged in similar professions in similar fields. Organizations often host conferences and other social events that allow you to engage with others face to face and expand your professional network.
  • Professional Development: Another main component of professional organizations is the professional development of their members. Groups often publish industry specific journals that allow members to contribute to the body of knowledge of their field and keep up to date on recent developments. Specialized training programs are also a common offering of professional organizations.
  • Career Assistance: Many professional societies cultivate industry-specific job boards that are available exclusively to members. In addition, when it comes to furthering your career, membership in a professional society can be a key indicator to your employer that you are an engaged employee dedicated to your field.

Join the preeminent society for engineering management 

If you are a professional or academic involved in the field of engineering management, consider membership in the American Society for Engineering Management. Join today and be a part of a growing society that speaks for the engineering management profession. Visit our membership page for more information.


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