A Note from the ASEM President

28 Apr 2015 8:00 AM | Anonymous

By Gene Dixon, ASEM President

April 2015 Pres. Release

Every now and then I go back and look at my list of goals for life.  Call it a bucket list if you would like but I think I’m too young for that.  Bucket lists are for those with a short fuse.  I’ve always had a goal to live to the ripe old age of 120.  Okay, we don’t need that image.

Some of my goals are lofty ambitions, some maybe are cellar dwellers. Still they are important.  To me.

Still, the achievement of my goals, and yours too I suspect, require some work (there, I used my favorite four letter word), some methods and tools, some thought.  Sometimes our goals require support.  Maybe some infrastructure.  A system or two.  And definitely a plan of action.  All this represents a system for goal achievement.

At ASEM World HQ, there is a lot of work going on right now to improve your Society’s infrastructure.  It was time.  It was time for new systems to support our growth not only in the US but across the globe.  When you see Geert Letens, Trish Simo Kush, Paul (Kauffmann), the other Paul (Componation) or Patrick Kush, ask them what is going on.  They and many others like Executive Directors Bill Daughton and Dave Wyrick, the UAH support staff as well as Angie Cornelius are doing some great things to make sure we are positioned with the right tools and methods and systems to support the needs of a growing ASEM.

Growing ASEM?  Sounds like a good place for a growth goal.  I agree.  And, trust me the ASEM Executive Committee has been discussing goals. And value propositions.  And making sure we have the systems in place to support the needs of a growing society.

I also think about a vision for ASEM.  I’d like to believe a vision is the predecessor to goals. And a vision sets the stage for strategy or strategies. 

Ask me about a vision for ASEM and I’ll talk to you about a worldwide recognized voice for engineering management.  A 10,000 strong diverse membership known for cutting edge EM research and respected for developing evolving principles of application for practitioners.  I may speak about 100,000 ASEM certified AEM/PEM practitioners that are routinely called on to practice leadership, systems engineering and strategic management in solving the unsolvable with engineering.

I may even talk about resolving global issues and local problems with engineering.

But you didn’t ask.

I’ll ask you, though.  What is your vision for ASEM? What systems and methods and infrastructure are needed?  What goals will make that vision real?  For you.  For me.  For ASEM.  For the brotherhood of mankind.

I like goals.  Let’s make a goal to meet in Indy for the ASEM IAC. It’s the ASEM 250!


In other news...

It’s time.  The best part of ASEM is the network.  Part of ASEM’s network is our awards program.  We want to recognize you.  We also want to recognize those members who are making contributions to ASEM.  Log onto our webpage (www.asem.org) and click on the awards link.  That will open up to a page to links to all of our society awards.  Find the one that you are interested and learn more about making your nomination.

Also, President-elect Geert Letens is working with a committee to identify nominees for leadership positions within ASEM.  If you would like to serve as an elected officer, contact Geert (geert.letens@gmail.com) for more information.
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