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3. EM Course Curriculum | The Engineering Management Handbook, 2nd Ed

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Available in PDF format as ASEM Member Benefit. Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Engineering Management Handbook. The first edition was published in 2010. Six years later we have updated much of the original material and added seven new chapters. We hope to continue to update this handbook with plans to produce case studies as supplemental materials, include new material, update and expand the existing material, etc. Engineering managers have traditional been educated to work in the manufacturing sectors but now must succeed in a world where services based industries account for most economic activity. In today’s global business environment, engineer managers must use a wide variety of traditional engineering and leadership skills from the fields of operations research, statistics, management, systems engineering, business, traditional engineering, etc. There is value to having one source that can summarize many of the methods, processes, and tools (MPTs) for mainly the practicing engineering manager. Electronic download included with ASEM Membership.

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