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The ASEM 2022 hIAC team is excited that the initial technical program is now available!

To access the event space:

  1. Log into ExOrdo (  using your credentials. Click on the Start Exploring button on the Explore Event card on your ExOrdo dashboard. (or)
  2. Log into ExOrdo ( using your credentials. Click on the Event Space on the top navigation bar to access the virtual content. (or)
  3. Visit You must be logged into the ExOrdo system to be able to access the event space.

If you do not have an ExOrdo account, please create an account at:

To view the schedule/ find presentations:

  1. Use "Search" box on the top right corner of your virtual event space to quickly access your session by an Author or Title search. (or)
  2. Click on "At a Glance" on the top navigation bar, in the virtual event space.

Important additional information:

  1. If you are a presenter or an author, make sure your presentation is on the schedule. If there are issues with when or where your presentation is scheduled, or not scheduled, please reach out to, by September 09, 2022. Please provide your Submission ID in all your correspondence with the conference committee.
  2. Notice that each stage for the in-person portion is named after the physical rooms in which those sessions will take place. In addition, the type of session that will take place in that stage is also identified. If you have questions regarding the session type, please visit:
  3. Virtual stages are named A through E. These names will be updated later.
  4. The schedule is only tentative, and changes may happen in the next week based on specific requests or other issues. We will send out another communication once the schedule is final and no more changes would be made.
  5. You may only view the sessions and the scheduled presentations. You will not have access to the live stages and other content yet. This access will only be enabled for paid participants on our access list once the schedule is finalized.
  6. The final papers are currently undergoing copy-editing. The papers will
    be available for viewing to registered participants by September 19,
  7. If you are a session chair for your session, we will send you more information about this role soon. Please look out for that communication from us.

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