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Workshops and Panels | 2021 Virtual International Annual Conference

With registration, you can plan to attend these events in addition to wide ranging technical sessions:

Panel: The ASEM Six Sigma Green Belt Certification: Meeting the Needs of New Graduates and Professionals

ASEM has recently developed a Six Sigma Green Belt (SSGB) certification program that will be offered in the near future. The SSGB Certification supports two important ASEM constituents. The project was formulated to address the needs of new graduates for a cost-effective credential that would develop practice-oriented foundation knowledge in this important area and at the same time provide a needed credential as they enter their careers. The ASEM SSGB certification program also provides an opportunity for working professionals who are interested in career development. This panel will discuss the content of the ASEM- SSGB credential, its focus on meeting student and professional needs, its unique content based on practical application, and how it can be globally accessed.

Workshop: Systems Engineering 101 for Engineering Managers

Systems engineering (SE) is the key to achieving reliable, efficient, cost effective products and services in diverse fields such as communications, network systems, software engineering, information systems, manufacturing, command and control, R&D projects, etc. This seminar (workshop) teaches practitioners the art of systems engineering. The seminar will focus on the SE processes and skills required to integrate user needs, manage requirements, conduct technological evaluation and build elaborate system architectures. It is targeted for engineering managers and practitioners who are new to the aspects and process of systems engineering.

Workshop: Engineering Management Masters Programs: Administrative and Curricular Structure

The American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) champions the advancement of engineering management (EM) profession and discipline of study, publishes the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK), and recommends EMBOK to those who wish to pursue a career in EM. However, research and evidence are not prevalent on how closely EM Masters programs have embraced EMBOK or extent to which their curriculum is aligned with its domains. In 2020 the Council of Engineering Management Academic Leaders (CEMAL) embarked on a project to learn about administrative practices and curricular content of EM Masters programs. This workshop is a report on, and discussion of, findings from data collected. The results will provide benchmarking and evaluating tools for EM Masters programs.

Workshop: Avoid Surprises & Pains of Non-Compliance

When the topic of compliance is mentioned, many people think of health & safety, Sarbanes Oxley and conflict minerals. Compliance programs encompass so much more and are created to keep organizations out of hot water. If you haven’t had any compliance issues is it because your program is good, or are you just lucky? This session will help answer that question, and give you tips to ensure you stay on the side of complete compliance, no matter what changes in the business environment.

Workshop: Introduction to International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR)

The International Journal of Management Reviews (IJMR) is a top-ranked journal in the field of business & management. The IJMR is dedicated to the development of theory from literature review. This workshop/tutorial will introduce IJMR to the ASEM IAC audience, along with its aims & scope. A discussion on the topic of developing theory from literature review is planned.

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