ASEM Workshops at 2016 IAC

The ASEM International Conference (IAC) offers a range of interesting and useful workshops. To help participants in conference planning, the schedule is listed below, and here.  As you plan your conference activities, if you select a workshop, please go to and sign up in advance so that materials and activities can be tailored for the size of the audience.

Thursday Workshops (Oct 27th)

Systems Engineering Synthesis: From Problem Statement to System Architecture, Part I and II

Workshop Presenters: Alice Squires, Washington State University and Jim Boswell, The Aerospace Corporation

Time: Thursday, 9:30-11:45am

Room: Concord J

Audience: Systems Engineering Novice

Description: This is a 2-session (attend either or both) hands-on tutorial/workshop that progresses through early phases of the systems engineering process from identifying the right problem, deficiency, or opportunity to developing an initial system functional architecture.Approach: Balance of topic presentation with active learning and group work and reporting.

Student Chapter: Start, Run, and Improve your ASEM Chapter

Workshop Presenter: David Wyrick, West Virginia University

Time: Thursday, 1:15-2:15pm

Room: Concord J

Audience: Students, Faculty Champions, and Key Influencers

Description: This workshop will help individuals lead their local student chapter to success and covers how to start, run, and improve ASEM student chapters so members can experience how to make an organization great.

Approach: Hands-on activities, networking, planning specific action items to take back to campus.

Managing Research Using Latest Research Based Softwares

Workshop Presenter: Sheikh Zahoor Sarwar, Institute of Space Technology Islamabad Pakistan

Time: Thursday, 3:45-4:45pm

Room: Concord J

Audience: Researchers, all levels

Description: Latest Softwares are available for conducting research (NVIVO, ZOTERO, EVERNOTE, ONENOTE, TABLUE PUBLIC, QUALTRICS, ONE NOTE, MANDELY, BIBLITEX, SPSS, AMOS and many more) but there are very few who know about them and very few know how to actual use them.

Approach: A detailed overview of each software package will be provided.

Friday Workshops (Oct 28th)

Publishing in the Engineering Management Journal

Workshop Presenters:

Eileen Van Aken, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Time: Friday, 10:45-11:45am

Room: Concord J

Audience: Current and prospective EMJ authors

Description: This session will review information about the process that manuscripts go through after submission to Engineering Management Journal (EMJ). It will also review potential best practices and lessons learned for successfully publishing articles in the EMJ.

Approach: Information and guidelines for publishing in the EMJ will be provided.

AEM/PEM Exam Development Workshop

Workshop Presenter: Hiral Shah, St. Cloud State University

Time: Friday, 3:45-4:45pm

Room: Concord J

Audience: ASEM certified Professional Engineering Managers (PEMs) or those qualified and interested in becoming certified.

Description: This workshop is focused on writing questions and reviewing questions for the Associate Engineering Manager (AEM) and Professional Engineering Manager (PEM) certification exam.

Approach: Guidelines will be provided. Attendees will participate in the item writing and review process.

Saturday Workshop (Oct 29th)

Management of Technical Professionals: An Interactive Workshop to Develop Guidelines, Performance Metrics, Assessment Approaches, and Checklists for the ASEM Engineering Manager’s Toolkit, Part I and II

Workshop Presenters: Alice Squires, Washington State University

John Farr, United States Military Academy at West Point

Time: Saturday, 9:30-11:45am

Room: Concord J

Audience: Engineering / Program / Project / Technical Managers

Description: This is a 2-session (attend either or both) hands-on workshop to share best practices and develop artifacts to support the management and performance appraisal of engineers and technical professionals.

Approach: Interactive learning and artifact development and sharing.

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